Tennessee Opiate Initiative's Sponsored Program

True Purpose Ministries: Our Sponsored Level 3 Program

True Purpose Ministries is Located in Maryville, Tn. They are a year long, State Licensed facility with the State of Tennessee. True Purpose currently has two satellite campuses in Knoxville and Sweetwater, Tn and a third in Warsaw, Indiana. They have been in existence since 2009 and have experience in starting campuses that cash flow and succeed. Each Campus will follow the pattern from the Maryville Campus as a Therapeutic Community that specializes in evidence-based recovery.

Do we need a Spiritual Component?

For many years, the spiritual component has been slowly taken out of the recovery world. As this continues to be the norm, our epidemic is steadily rising out of control. Have we forgotten Step 2 from our 12 step model?

We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

True Purpose not only focuses on Substance Abuse and Mental Health, but they implement the primary missing piece to complete the successful model, the Spiritual component.

Why a Year?

Another misconceived notion in the recovery world is our 28 day programs that have been set as the nationwide pattern. Insurance payments and negotiations have created this pattern that is not viable to Level 3 Addicts. This class will need longer than 28 days for recovery to be a responsible citizen in society. This year long process gives them an opportunity to establish a relationship with God, new daily routines and habits, new thought patterns and attitudes, new disciplines in the work force, and the understanding of the roots to their addiction and how to cope with them in a healthy manner.

State Licensed Facilities

As the 3/16 program takes full effect in Tennessee, these campuses located in the 16 counties must be state licensed to provide the viability and consistency to be successful. This certification will enable each campus to receive insurance payments as a small offset to the costs of recovery. Curriculum focused on Co-Occuring disorders, PTSD treatment, evidenced-based recovery, as well as group and individual therapy help these men and women be successful in recovery.

Job Training Facility

The successful pattern of recovery is completed by the job training aspect that is seen throughout True Purpose Ministries' Campuses. White Oak Construction and Restoration, an experienced company in construction, remodeling and restoration, provides True Purpose's job training program. As an addict reaches Level 3 of addiction, it is necessary that they learn a discipline to provide for their family and themselves to pay back the fines, child support and court costs that have burdened them during their addiction. The goal is to train these men and women to the expertise of one of the disciplines that will give them the opportunity to make $12-$15 per hour upon completion. The crutch of "hustling and manipulating" for their addiction has to be replaced with a healthy work ethic and resolve to make things right. Each campus must have a Contractor or other entities to provide job training for the men and women enrolled.

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